Hispanic couple standing outside their new home, protected with a homeowners insurance policy.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Surrounded by toda tu familia you insert the key, you hear that little click, and turn the knob. And just like that a new chapter begins: life in your new home. It’s now time to ask yourself two basic questions: what is homeowners insurance, and why do you need it? The answers will help you protect your family’s biggest investment! What is homeowners insurance? Basically, it’s like car insurance but for your home. It offers you financial protection in case something happens to your home or in it, like an accident or a disaster. The average home insurance policy combines…

Two drivers stand outside their vehicles following the steps of what to do after a car accident.

What To Do After a Car Accident: Your Safety Checklist

Hope for sunshine, prepare for rain. That’s my motto when it comes to planning for the unexpected – and unfortunate – car accident. And if you don’t have a crystal ball that tells you when an accident will happen, the next best thing is to know what to do afterwards. Because let’s get real, it can happen to anyone, any time, any place. Here’s my advice for what to do after a car accident: Check for injuries: Are you and your passengers ok? Check yourselves for bleeding and injuries, did you hurt your neck or back? Try not to move….

Hispanic couple standing outside, ready to get their auto insurance policy from Fiesta

Getting Your Car Insurance Policy

“Max, what documents do I need to bring to get my car insurance policy from Fiesta?” I hear this question all the time, and I love it when you want to be prepared to come and visit me at your local Fiesta office! So on that note, here’s what you need to bring so we can help you get your car insurance policy all set up. Driver’s license: Some people might tell you that you don’t need it, but let me tell you: you need a driver’s license to drive, and to get a car insurance policy. ¡No te compliques…

Hispanic couple sitting behind their car after buying auto insurance from Fiesta.

5 Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

Congrats on your new car! New or used, big or small, what’s important is that it’s yours! When it comes to protecting your ride, take my advice: don’t rely on luck, it’s better to get it insured. Let me give you five reasons why you need car insurance, in case you were wondering. Auto insurance is the law. You can’t get around this one even if your friend tells you it’s ok. Trust me, you need it. If you have a car, you’ll need to have some type of  minimum auto insurance in most states. So don’t wait another minute,…