Getting Your Car Insurance Policy

Getting Your Car Insurance Policy

Max Tells You What Information to Bring

Find out what information you need to get your car insurance policy quickly from fiesta auto insurance.

“Max, what documents do I need to bring to get my car insurance policy from Fiesta?” I hear this question all the time, and I love it when you want to be prepared to come and visit me at your local Fiesta office! So on that note, here’s what you need to bring so we can help you get your car insurance policy all set up.

  • Driver’s license: Some people might tell you that you don’t need it, but let me tell you: you need a driver’s license to drive, and to get a car insurance policy. ¡No te compliques la vida! And if you want your spouse and teenage kids in your insurance, bring their licenses too!
  • Vehicle information or registration: If your car is already registered, bring that with you. If you just bought or leased the car, bring the papers from the dealer. What the Fiesta team will be looking for is basic information about the car, like the make, model, year and VIN. Our team will also ask where you keep the car and what you use it for, so we can get you the right car insurance policy.
  • Current or prior insurance: If you already have insurance, let us have a look at it when you stop by our office so we can have an idea of the level of coverage you have. We’ll also look for ways to save you money!
  • Information about you: Just the basics, name, age, address, date of birth, driving history. Keep it simple, that’s what I say!

  • Bank information: This is sort of optional, so don’t worry. If you want to make your monthly insurance payments directly from your bank account, we can help. If you want to come in and pay cash, we’re always happy to see you and answer any questions!

As you can see, the documents needed for car insurance are pretty basic, things you probably have in the guantera already. So just make a little detour after work and visit your nearest Fiesta office and we’ll get you set up. See you soon!