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Fiesta offers hundreds of highly rated, verified business tax professionals specializing in:
Federal and state tax filings, Schedule C, tax exemptions, business deductions, tax penalties, tax audits, exemption claims, exempt status applications, and more.
For all business tax questions
Income tax, self-employment tax, payroll tax, employment tax, excise tax, LLC tax, corporate tax, partnership tax, S-Corp tax, and more: our network of tax experts can answer your questions—now
Whether you’re a freelancer, side-gigger, independent contractor, small business owner, or have multiple sources of income, we’ll help you get every deduction you qualify for.
Real-estate agent
•        Marketing materials
•        Mileage
•        Home office
Rideshare driver
•        Car repairs
•        Insurance
•        Mobile phone
Construction Contractors
•        Mileage
•        Tools & supplies
•        Self-Employment Tax
Independent Contractors
•        Home Office
•        Health insurance
•        Business travel
What Expenses Can You Deduct or Write-off as a 1099 Contractor or Freelancer?



Whether you just have some basic questions about your personal taxes, or need to file several forms, Fiesta Tax Service is ready to help you with our affordable tax services. MAX-imize your money, come to Fiesta!

We are Latinos like you

We understand that doing taxes can be a big job. That’s why we’re ready to help you at any time of the year in English or español. When others are not available, Fiesta is there for you!

We are in your local community

We are conveniently located near you! Call us or visit us any time to ask us questions, make a payment in cash, sign your tax forms and more – we’re ready to help!

Affordable Price

We can offer you the best tax services at an affordable price: As tax experts, we will help find you every tax credit and deduction possible to help MAX-imize your personal tax refund.

Besides our top-quality income tax help services, we are proud to offer you affordable additional services for a low price:

MAXShield Audit Assistance (if purchased)

In the event you receive correspondence from the IRS or your state tax authority, we will assist you with the audit and will answer questions as to how the return was prepared.
When you are covered by MAXShield, you have up to $2,500 of principal and interest coverage for both Federal and State for a period of three years from the time of tax preparation

ID Theft protection

For only $49.99, we provide this premium protection product against identity theft

We Treat You Like Family!


Stop by and visit your nearest Fiesta location today so we can help you with all your personal tax needs. Our certified tax preparers are ready to welcome you, help you in your language, and work toward getting you the best and fastest tax refund possible at the best price. MAX-imize your money at Fiesta Tax Service!