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Our enthusiasm, commitment to our customers, and our selection of products are all reasons you should have your taxes prepared at Fiesta Tax Service. Fiesta offers both personal tax services and business tax services.

At Fiesta, we know taxes!

We will take your unique situation and make sure to maximize every credit and deduction to ensure you are left with the absolute best outcome at the end of the return.

Year-Round Support

Our offices are open year round to serve your needs. This matters because we will be here when others are not.

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Information and consultations are always free at Fiesta.

MAXShield Audit Assistance (if purchased)

In the event you receive correspondence from the IRS or your state tax authority, we will assist you with the audit and will answer questions as to how the return was prepared.

ID Theft protection

For only $49.99, we provide this premium protection product against identity theft