What Do I Need to File My Taxes?

What Do I Need to File My Taxes? FIESTA HAS THE ANSWERS!


“Max, what do I need to file my taxes?” I have a simple answer to this question, that will help you and me: organize your tax documents! What I mean is that the best way that our certified tax preparers at Fiesta can file your taxes is if you come with your information and tax documents properly organized and complete. Having all your info ready will help us do your taxes faster – and help you get your refund faster, and that’s a good thing!! This guide will show you the documents needed for taxes that you should bring when you visit your nearest Fiesta location:

Proof of income

Bring tax documents that show your sources of income, whether you are self-employed or you work for a company. The most common tax documents for proof of income are:

  • Form W-2: This is the form that your company gives you, usually in January or early February, showing how much money you earned during the year. If you have/had more than one job, you will get one form from each employer.
  • Form 1099-MISC: If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, your clients will send you this document.
  • Receipts or invoices: If you are self-employed or a contractor but did not get a 1099-MISC from your clients, bring your receipts or invoices.
  • Form 1099-INT: Your bank will send this to you if your account earned more than $10 in interest (for example, the savings account in your bank).
  • Form 1099-G: If you received unemployment, you will receive this form from the state.
  • Other sources of income: You will also need to report other sources of income, such as tips, Social Security, child support, alimony, etc. Your certified tax preparer at Fiesta will be able to help you!

Proof of expenses

This may or may not apply to you. It will depend on whether you are self-employed or a contractor, or if you itemize your deductions. My recommendation is to bring the information and let our certified tax preparers figure out if this applies to your situation. Bring to your nearest Fiesta location information about these types of expenses:

  • Medical expenses, such as medical bills for you, your spouse and your children.
  • Business expenses, like receipts, purchases and other expenses if you own your business or are self employed
  • Education expenses, for tuition, fees and interest paid on student loans.

Personal information

This covers the basics, such as your name, address, and the Social Security Numbers or ITINs for you, your spouse and your kids that you will list as dependents on your tax forms.

You see, getting organized is not that hard, and it makes the process of doing your taxes easier… and getting your refund faster! Don’t wait another minute, and come visit us at your nearest Fiesta location today. See you soon!