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Hispanic couple gets help with their IRS letter from Max

When that IRS Letter Arrives

The day starts like any other day, until you get the mail, and there it is: the dreaded IRS letter! Take a deep breath, getting an IRS tax letter doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. An IRS letter can mean several things: maybe you forgot to sign your tax form, maybe they just have a question, you never know. The good news is that Fiesta offers correspondence assistance to help you with IRS letters and audits. So, if and when you get that IRS tax letter, follow these recommendations to handle it properly.

Hispanic mom gets information from Max about documents needed for taxes

What Do I Need to File My Taxes?

“Max, what do I need to file my taxes?” I have a simple answer to this question, that will help you and me: organize your tax documents! What I mean is that the best way that our certified tax preparers at Fiesta can file your taxes is if you come with your information and tax documents properly organized and complete. Having all your info ready will help us do your taxes faster – and help you get your refund faster, and that’s a good thing!! This guide will show you the documents needed for taxes that you should bring when…

Hispanic couple gets advice on who has to file taxes from a Fiesta certified Tax Preparer

Who Has To File Taxes?

Who has to file taxes? It’s one of those questions that is easy and hard at the same time! The difference between the right and wrong answer can cost you a lot of headaches (and money!) with the IRS. So, avoid the headaches, save yourself un dinerito, and let your Fiesta Certified Tax Preparer help you figure out who has to file taxes. Below is some basic information that you can review as you make your way to your nearest Fiesta location. You’ll probably have to file federal taxes if you meet these income requirements: You’re single and made at…

A Hispanic woman discusses the tax reform bill while doing her taxes at a Fiesta location

The Tax Reform Bill and How It Affects You and Your Family

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and that may just be the case with the tax reform bill. Because even though the new tax reform changes went into effect at the beginning of 2018, you probably won’t see them all until you file your federal taxes in April of 2019, and some even later in 2020. The good news is that our team of certified tax preparers at Fiesta can help you make the most of the new tax reform, so stop by our location so we can help you MAXimize your tax refund. Here’s how the tax…

Hispanic family outside their home with Max after getting their homeowners policy

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

I get it, sometimes a homeowners policy can be a bit more involved than the auto policy that you’re used to, leading you to ask: what does homeowners insurance cover, anyways? Good question! Let me break it down for you, so you can protect your family and your investment. A homeowners policy generally covers four main things: Your house. Some call it the dwelling or the structure. Typically, your homeowners policy covers the dwelling in case of damage caused by things such as a fire, hurricane, lightning or other disasters that are listed in your policy. Most homeowners policies will…