MAXShield Tax Audit Assistance
Do you know what do if you get audited?
Any type of tax return can be audited for several issues, from regular income tax to payroll issues. Let the professionals at Fiesta handle your correspondence from the IRS.   No matter what type of return you filed, you should be prepared to substantiate the return with adequate records and documentation. As a member of MAXShield you are covered.
In many scenarios, the auditor will look to see how you match up with the income reported on your return. Are there new dependents, with different last names did they all meet the relationship test, how many W-2 and 1099’s are attached, did you file Married last year and Head of Household this year. The IRS is more than likely to investigate your lifestyle.
IRS Auditors have up to 3 years to audit your return to assess tax penalties- you are covered
•Relieves you of dealing with a very stressful IRS situation
•Minimize financial damage and penalties from your audit
•Prevents you from dealing with an Audit without assistance
•MAXShield Audit Assistance team assist once you receive the correspondence from the IRS
Advantages to the Customer:
•        Most audits take 10 hours or more to resolve, at $100 dollars or more per hour. MAXShield will handle it for one low fee.
•        Provides you with protection for 3 years.
•        Handles all correspondence between you and the IRS.
•        You rarely have to meet or speak with the IRS
•        Add Value to Your Return
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